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ICAR - Central Institute for Research on Goats

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution

Extension Education and Socio Economics Section

1. About Section:
  • This section plays important role in capacity development of stakeholders and dissemination of technologies and scientific practices developed by Institute since 1979. It has a sanctioned strength of four scientific posts (one senior scientist (Veterinary Extension Education), two scientists (Veterinary Extension Education) and one scientist (Agriculture Economics).
2. Objectives:
  • To conduct research in Extension Education and Socio economics studies.
  • To organize national training programmes on various aspects of goat production.
  • To organize/ participate in exhibition/ kisan mela at various places of the country.
  • To organize Transfer of technology program and other extension education activities.
3. Major Activities :
  • Provide training to farmers through national training programme and sponsored training on scientific goat farming
  • To organize/ participate in goat fair/ farmers fair/ exhibition
  • Provide advisory services to farmers through telephone and farmers single window
  • Organise field days/ farm days/ health camps
  • Arrange on and off campus training program for goat farmers in adopted villages
  • Conducting demonstrations, organising group discussion/ meetings etc
  • Arranging farmers and students visits to various farms and sections of CIRG and replying to technical correspondence through letter and E mail
4. Major achievements :
During last three years (2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18),
  • About 1200 farmers and other stakeholders were trained on scientific goat farming.
  • About 12000 farmers/officers/staff/ students and other stakeholders visited the farmers single window/ EESE section to get benefit of scientific knowhow of goat production technologies.
  • We have participated in more than 25 exhibitions/mela in different parts of country to showcase Institute technologies.
  • We have been receiving hundreds of call/queries from different stakeholders on our HELPLINE service per month.
  • A total of 3582 help line calls and 338 numbers of technical correspondences were replied in last three years.
5. Services offered :
  • Providing trainings to farmers and other stakeholders through conduction of six numbers of national training programmes on scientific goat farming each year of eight days duration on payment basis.
  • Organising sponsored training programs for different stakeholders.
  • Providing advisory services to farmers through farmers single window and telephone helpline (0565-2763320) as well as replying to various technical queries through letter and E mail.
  • Arranging farmers/ students/ other stakeholders visits at Institute.
  • Providing consultancy services to entrepreneurs and other stakeholders.
  • Disseminating scientific technologies and practise of goat rearing by using different mass media tools.
6.Infrastructure/ facility :
  • Farmer s single window having telephone helpline facility to address the different issues of farmers/stakeholders.
  • A class room having well equipped facility to train farmers.
  • A museum to display all technologies and practices developed by Institute.
7. Scientific staff :
Name of Scientist Designation Discipline Mobile No Email
Dr. A.K. Dixit Principal Scientist & In charge Agricultural Economics 0565-2970999 anupam.dixit@icar.gov.in
Dr.Khushyal singh Senior Scientist Agriculture Extension 0565-2970999 khushyal.singh@icar.gov.in
8. Technology/ product developed:
  • Methodology developed to access the economic loss due to PPR disease in goats
  • A tool to assess the preliminary cause of morbidity and mortality in goats
  • Developed a statistical model to find out relation for abortion in goats due to Brucellosis and other than that.
  • Developed more than 100 posters/model of Institute technologies.

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