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ICAR - Central Institute for Research on Goats

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution

Externaly Funded Projects

S.No. Project Title P.I. Funding Agency
1 Improvement and Sire evaluation of Jamunapari goats for milk & meat production Dr. M.K. Singh ICAR-AICRP
2 Genetic improvement of Barbari goats for milk and meat production Dr. M.K. Singh ICAR-AICRP
3 Network Project on Sheep Improvement –Muzaffarnagri Unit Dr. Gopal Dass ICAR- Network Project
4 ICAR-PET Project Component I- Assessment of plastic based structures of shelters and appliances on goat production.Component II Development and evaluation of portable plastic enclosure for improved kid lamb rearing Component III Development and evaluation of two tier housing model for goats. Dr. R. Pourouchottamane ICAR-PET
5 AINP-NM Neonatal Mortality in Farm Animals. Dr. Ashok Kumar ICAR- AINP-NM
6 Development of epsilon toxin based novel vaccine against enterotoxaemia in goats: A bioinformatics assisted reverse Vaccinology approach Dr. RVS Pawaiya ICAR-CABin Scheme
7 AICRP(G) on goat improvement Dr. B. Rai ICAR- AICRP
8 Enhancing Livelihood Security of Farming Community through Livestock and crop Integration using Proven Technologies Dr. M.K. Singh ICAR-Farmer first programme
9 Goat Based Technological and Livelihood Improvement in Uttarakhand State Dr. A. K. Dixit DST
10 Transcriptome profiling of spermatozoa for development of biomarker for selection of fertile bucks Dr. Sonia Saraswat DST
11 Molecular mapping and package of practices for controlling caprine cryptosporidiosis Dr. D. K. Sharma DST
12 Establishment of efficient culture and transplantation system for goat germ-cells Dr. S. P. Singh DST
13 ICAR-Veterinary Type Culture-Microbes (NAINP Bangalore ) Dr. Ravindra Kumar ICAR-VTCC
14 Development of novel semen extender to optimize post thaw quality enhancement of productivity and multiplication of superior goat germplasm( DST) Dr. Ravi Ranjan DST
15 Outreach Programme on Zoonotic Diseases.( MOFPI ) Dr. K Gururaj ICAR- Outreach
16 Scientific Approaches for Goat Productivity Improvement for Enhancing Farmers' Income in Achnera and Etmadpur Blocks of Agra District, Uttar Pradesh Dr. A.K. Dixit, NABARD
17 Conservation and phenotypic documentation of Mirzapuri goat breed. Dr. Chetna Gangwar UPCAR
18 Early life nutritional intervention to reduce methane emission and improved feed efficiency in goats. Dr. Ravindra Kumar DBT
19 Production of double-muscled mass farm animals using CRISPR Dr.S.D Kharche NASF
20 Improved goat animal production for healthier products through guided nutrients and bio-actives feeding Dr. A.K Verma DBT