भाकृअप - केंद्रीय बकरी अनुसंधान संस्थान

ICAR - Central Institute for Research on Goats

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution

Animal Health Division

Mandate :

Development of preventive and control measures, packages of practices, alternative therapies and diagnostics for maintaining and improving health of goats

Patents Granted :

  • An antibacterial herbal composition for animals (patent number: 327196 dated 11-12-2019).
  • A herb based antibacterial preparation for veterinary use (patent number: 341364 dated 03-07-2020).
  • A synergistic anti-bacterial herbal preparation for animals (patent number: 340760 dated 07-07-2020).
  • AJAS green: Goat milk based natural herbal beauty soap (patent number: 364566 dated 13-04-2021).
  • AJAS: Goat milk based natural beauty soap (patent number: 383967 dated 09-12-2021).
  • Method for preparation for herbal anti stressor formulation for goat (patent number: 421306 dated 13-02-2023).
  • A formulation having antibacterial herbal extract for animal use (patent number: 425919 dated 20-03-2023).
  • AJAS antiseptic: Goat milk based natural herbal antiseptic soap (patent number: 433430 dated 31-05-2023).
  • Method for development of herbal immunomodulator composition for goats (patent number: 446708 dated 23-08-2023) .

Products Commercialized

  • Alquit   :     Ectoparasiticidal drug for animals
  • HEALEX-FR   :    Skin antiseptic for animals
  • Diarrionex-HS   :     Anti-diarrhoeal powder for animals
  • Wormolex   :     Anthelminitic bolus for animals
  • Megatex   :     Herbal acaricidal liquid/spray for animals
  • IMU-4   :    Immunomodulatory bolus for animals
  • AJAS   :     Goat milk based herbal fortified soap (three variants)

Herbal Products Developed

  • Bruclear: It prevents shedding of Brucella melitensis, and treats brucellosis caused by Brucella melitensis in small ruminants.
  • Sanjeevani: Herbal immunomodulator for weaned goat-kids .
  • Easy Kidder: It ameliorates pregnancy stress in animals .
  • Stressol - G: It ameliorates heat & cold stress in animals.

Diagnostic Tests Developed

  • BruLISA:   : IgG and IgM based indirect ELISA for detection of Brucella melitensis.
  • BruCheck:   : Dot-ELISA for quick and on-spot detection of Brucella melitensis.
  • BruTECT-SRTM:   : OMP31 TaqMan® probe based RT-PCR for specific and quick detection of Brucella melitensis.
  • Visual LAMP Assay   : for quick detection of Brucella melitensis.
  • Latex Milk Agglutination Test:   : A field test for rapid diagnosis of Johne's disease (JD) .
  • Indigenous Dot-Elisa :   : A sensitive field based herd screening test for JD .
  • Nano-Immuno Test   : for early and rapid detection of live Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) bacilli in milk samples .
  • Novel Mce-Truncated Protein based ELISA  :  for diagnosis of JD .
  • Indirect Fluorescent Antibody Test:   : A milk screening test for JD .
  • Visual LAMP   : Assay for quick diagnosis of JD.
  • IgG based Indirect ELISA  for diagnosis of JD.
  • DIVA ELISA   : for differentiation of JD affected animals from vaccinated ones .
  • mRNA Multiplex TaqMan ® probe based RT-PCR   : for detection of live MAP bacilli in fecal samples .
  • EnteroLISA-ETTM:  :  Microtiter plate based indirect ELISA that detects, and quantifies protective antibody titer in enterotoxaemia (ET) vaccinated goats.
  • ToxiScreen ProTM:   : Sandwich ELISA that can directly detect presence of epsilon toxin in suspected live and dead animals .
  • bfpA gene based RT-PCR   : for detection of enteropathogenic E. coli.
  • Latex Agglutination Test  :  for spot diagnosis of contagious caprine pleuropneumonia.
  • TaqMan® probe based RT-PCR   : for simultaneous detection of Group-A Rota and Bovine Corona viruses.
  • Conventional PCR   : targeting the major envelope glycoprotein gene for quick detection of contagious ecthyma .
  • mRNA based TaqMan® PCR   : for detection and differentiation of live thin walled and thick walled oocysts of Cryptosporidium species .
  • Peptide based Indirect ELISA   : for quick and early diagnosis of coenurosis in small ruminants and dogs.
  • Vaccines Developed

      • Indigenous JD Vaccine (BioJD Gel ® and BioJD Oil®): It is killed vaccine, and was developed using " Indian Bison Type" genotype of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis strain " S5" of goat origin.
      • Killed Vaccine against colibacillosis that provides passive lacteal protection in neonatal goat-kids.
      • Currently, the work is going on the novel recombinant chimeric multi-epitope vaccine against Clostridium perfringens Type D causing enterotoxaemia in domestic ruminants.

      Product/Method/Process/Procedure/Database Developed

      • Plaque Assay for titration of PPR virus.
      • Process to purify PPR and FMD viruses from the mixture of different viruses.
      • Primary Goat Testes Cell Culture for quick isolation of Orf virus.
      • DNA Extraction Protocol: for Cryptosporidium spp. oocysts present in fecal samples of goats .
      • E. coli Phage-Cocktail for treatment of colibacillosis in goat-kids.
      • Standard Operating Procedure for management of newborn goat-kids.
      • Annual Health Calendar: Preventive Health Calendar for Goats.
      • Para-Check Card: An eye mucosa color based targeted selective treatment chart against haemonchosis in goats .
      • Faecal Consistency Score Chart for parasitic control in goats.
      • Nucleotide Databases for ET caused by Clostridium perfringens Type D.


      • DBT Fellowship for Research at Wisconsin University, USA.
      • Japan International Cooperation Agency Fellowship.
      • Visiting Scientist to USDA, USA.
      • Post-Doctoral Research in Grenada, West Indies.
      • National Research Development Corporation Award-2014 .
      • Expert Member of Empowered Committee on Animal Health, GoI.
      • Expert Member of Central Drugs Standard Control Organization, GoI .
      • Board Member of International Goat Association representing Asia.
      • Board Member of International Association of Para-TB.
      • Fellowships (n=2) received from National Academy of Veterinary Sciences.
      • Fellowships (n=5) received from Professional Societies ( ISSPGU, ISVM, ISVP & VIPM ).

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      2 Dr. Anu Rahal Veterinary Pharmacology Principal Scientist anu.rahal@icar.gov.in 129 View
      3 Dr. K. Gururaj Veterinary Microbiology Senior Scientist k.gururaj@icar.gov.in 132 View
      4 Dr. A. K. Mishra Veterinary Microbiology Senior.Scientist anil.mishra@icar.gov.in 131 View
      5 Dr.Nitika Sharma Veterinary Medicine Senior Scientist nitika.sharma@icar.gov.in 130 View