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ICAR - Central Institute for Research on Goats

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AICRP on Goat Improvement

All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP) on Goat Improvement is a long term and well structured proram aimed to bring upon genetic improvement and conservation of goat genetic resources of the country in their respective home tracts. The program explores genetic variation in local breeds through superior animal identification, pedigree and individual performance recording, selecting high genetic potential animals for breeding, development of management practices/models/technologies and their validation in farmers flock, and capacity building of goat keepers. Presently, AICRP on goat improvement is working with 21 centres covering 15 registered goat breeds and 3 local genotypes in 15 states. Nine units are working as partially TSP unit under Tribal sub plan fund of the project. Assam hill goat unit is also operational in NEH region.


  • Genetic improvement of major production traits and product quality in different agroclimatic regions.
  • To increase the goat productivity in small livestock production system and to develop sustainable community breeding model at village level.
  • 1st Prize by Nagar Rajbhasha Karyanvayan Samiti, Deptt. of Official Languages, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India
  • To develop germplasm resource centres in different agroclimatic zones and to validate the goat production technologies in different regions.
  • Capacity building of goat keepers and stakeholders for sustainable and profitable goat husbandry.

The details of field and farm units of AICRP on goat improvement are presented below:

S. N. Breed Location of Center Types of Center
1 Project Coordinators Unit CIRG, Makhdoom, Farah, Mathura 281122 Coordinating Unit
2 Assam Hill Goat Unit (NEH) AAU, Khanpara Guwahati Field
3 Barbari Unit CIRG, Makhdoom Farm
4 Bengal Goats (TSP) BAU Ranchi Field
5 Black Bengal (Partial TSP) WBUV and FS, Kolkata Field
6 Gaddi Field Unit(TSP) HPKVV, Palampur (HP) Field
7 Ganjam Field Unit OUAT, Bhubaneswar Field
8 Jamunapari Farm Unit CIRG, Makhdoom Farm
9 Malabari Field Unit KV&ASU, Thrissur Field
10 Marwari Field Unit RAJUVAS, Bikaner Field
11 Osmanabadi Unit NARI, Phaltan (MH) Field
12 Sirohi Field Unit(partial TSP) RAJUVAS,Veterinary College Vallabhnagar Udaipur (Raj.) Field
13 Sangamneri Field Unit MPKV, Rahuri (MH) Field
14 Sirohi Farm Unit CSWRI, Avikanagar Farm
15 Andamani Goats CARI, Port Blair, Andman & Nicobar Field
16 Himalayan Local Goats IVRICampus,Mukteshwar Field
17 Changthangi Goat Unit SKUAST-K,Leh, J&K Field
18 Uttarakhand Local Goats GBPUA&T,Pantnagar Field
19 Surti Field Unit N.A.U. , Navsari (Guj.) Field
20 Bengal Field Unit ICAR- RCER, Patna Field
21 Bundelkhandi Field Unit ICAR-IGFRI, Jhansi Field
22 Beetal Field Unit GADVASU, Ludhiana, Punjab Field