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Distribution of goat feeders and weighing balances to 30 schedule caste beneficiaries on 02 February, 2021. at ICAR-CIRG, Makhdoom.

A total of 30 farmers (25 male and 5 female) belonging to Scheduled Caste community of Mathura district were brought to the institute and given the scientific knowledge on goat farming. The programme was jointly organized by DAPSC (Development Action Plan for Scheduled Caste) and AICRP on Plastic Engineering Project (AICRP on PET) team. In the guidance of Dr. Gopal Dass, Nodal Officer DAPSC, each beneficiary was provided with a goat feeder and a good quality Salter balance. The function was presided over by Dr. B.  Rai, Acting-Director ICAR-CIRG, Makhdoom and Dr. S. D. Kharche, Head, APR Division, Dr. Saket Bhusan, Head, Genetics & Breeding Division, Dr. U. B. Chaudhary, former Head, ANM&PT Division, Dr. Pourochottamane & Dr. Arvind Kumar, PI & Co-PI,  PET Project, Dr. A. K. Dixit, Dr. Nitika Sharma, Dr. Mohd. Arif and Dr. Vinay Chaturvedi, Members, DAPSC were present in the function. During the programme, every participant and guest followed all precautionary measures for COVID 19.

Dr. Gopal Dass, Nodal Officer, DAPSC and PI Sheep Project enlightened the Scheduled Caste beneficiaries about the activities of the DAPSC programme. Dr. B.  Rai, Acting-Director ICAR-CIRG appreciated the activities of DAPSC programme and AICRP on PET Project. He stated that good work is being done to the poor farmers of scheduled caste community through DAPSC programme of the institute and also in different projects. The programme was quite satisfactory and ended with the vote of thanks to the chair.

Distribution of Materials to Women SHGs of Scheduled Caste beneficiaries under DAPSC Programme .

1.Patent No.: 327196 dated 11.12.2019 for invention entitled AN ANTI-BACTERIAL HERBAL COMPOSITION FOR ANIMALS .

2.Patent No.: 340760 dated 07.07.2020 for invention entitled A SYNERGISTIC ANTI-BACTERIAL HERBAL PREPARATION FOR ANIMALS.

3.Patent No.: 341364 dated 13.07.2020 for invention entitled A HERB-BASED ANTI BACTERIAL PREPARATION FOR VETERINARY USE.

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