भाकृअप - केंद्रीय बकरी अनुसंधान संस्थान

ICAR - Central Institute for Research on Goats

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution

Instiute Funded Projects

S.No. Project Title P.I.
1 Genetic improvement and seed production of Jakhrana goats for milk and meat production. Dr. Gopal Dass
2 Cross breeding among indigenous goat breed to evaluate their productivity status and development of synthetic breed for broiler production Dr. M. K. Singh
3 Income improvement of resource poor scheduled caste beneficiaries through skill development and scientific agricultural and goat production(DAPSC Programme) Dr. Gopal Dass
4 Pathological and epidemiological investigation of goat disease. Dr. RVS Pawaiya
5 Epidemiology of abortion in goats and Development of a multiplex PCR assay for detection of common abortogenic microbial agents. Dr. A K Mishra
6 Evaluation of nutraceutical supplementation on the immune status of goat kids. Dr. Nitika Sharma
7 ICAR- FAO Joint project network Indian network for fishery and animal antimicrobial resistance (INFAAR) - ICAR- CIRG Collaborating centre. Dr. K. Gururaj
8 Herbal adjunct for increasing the efficacy of commonly used antibiotics in animal practice. Dr. Anu Rahal
9 Augmentation of buck fertility through use of polyherbal preparations Dr. Chetna Gangwar
10 Production of clone goat embryos and assessment of their survival after in vivo transfer. Dr. S. P Singh
11 Development of goat based integrated farming system Model. Dr. R. Pourouchottamane
12 Assessment of laparoscopic ovum pick-up (LOPU) technique for in-vitro embryo production in goats. Dr. Y. K. Soni
13 Effect of Climate stress on prolificacy in goats. Dr. Ravi Ranjan
14 Economic impact of CIRG Technologies on goat production Dr. A K Dixit
15 Transfer of goat technologies for sustainable livelihood and enhancing farmers Income. Dr. Khushyal Singh
16 Goat Based livelihood improvement through scientific intervention in tribal district. Dr. A.K. Dixit
17 Cost economization of forage production for goats through agronomic interventions in the region of Yamuna ravines of Uttar Pradesh. Dr. Mohd. Arif
18 Design and development of poly house type solar dryer for fodder and other produce of goat farm Dr. Arvind Kumar
19 Standardization of goat milk cheese processing and value addition of its by- product Dr. A K Verma
20 Evaluation of Moringa olifera in the ration of goats. Dr. Ravindra Kumar
21 Development and characterization of goat milk yoghurt with enhanced health attributes and storage stability. Dr. Tarun Pal Singh