आई.सी.ए.आर-सी.आई.आर.जी. क्लॉस्ट्रीडियम परफ्रिंजेंस जीन डेटाबेस

ICAR-CIRG Clostridium Perfringens Gene Database

ICAR-CIRG in association with Center for Agricultural Bioinfomatics (CABin Scheme) IASRI, New Delhi Developed gene Database for Clostridium perfringens, a causative agent of enterotoxaemia in Goats and sheep

The Clostridium perfringens gene data base incorporates gene sequences of various isolates of C. perfringens organism including its toxin genes responsible for causing enterotoxaemia disease in small ruminants. This platform also provides resource repository for other investigators to update and submit the novel genes specific to the organism.