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English Book/Bulletin

S.No. Name of Publication (English) Book/ Bulletin Price (Rs.)
1. Advances in Livestock Production and Management Book 300.00
2. Laboratory Manual for Molecular and Immunological Techniques Book 160.00
3. Laboratory Manual for Cultivation and Identification of Rumen Anaerobic Fungi Book 175.00
4. Transferable Technologies for Commercial Goat Production Book 150.00
5. In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Technology in Goats Book 100.00
6. An Overwiew:Intellectual Property Rights Book 100.00
7. Commercial goat Farming (A Techno-Economic Feasibility Analysis) Book 80.00
8. Adaptation of Goats Book 20.00
9. Environment vis-a-vis Livestock Production in India Book 20.00
10. Pride of Kathiawad : Gohilawadi Goat Book 70.00
11. Pride of Saurashtra : Zalawadi Goat Book 70.00
12. Goat Enterprise Book 350.00
13. Goat production, processing of milk and meat Book 350.00
14. Advances in Production and Reproduction in Goats Book 900.00
15. Common scientific practices for goat rearing Book 25.00
16. Directory of Commercial Goat Farms in India Book 25.00
17. Training programmes for Commercial Goat Farming Book 10.00
18. Johne's Disease of Animals and and Public Health Significance Book 20.00
19. Tree Leaves for Small Ruminants Production in Semi-Arid and Arid Jones in North India Book 40.00
20. Small Ruminants Production through Silvi-pasture System in India Book 40.00
21. Microbacterium Avium Sub Species Paratuberculosis infection in Animals and Public Health Aspects Book 100.00
22. Semen Technology and Artificial Insemination in Goats Book 100.00
23. Achievement in paratuberculoisis Research 1984-2009 Book 725.00
24. A training course on Frontier Molecular Tools for Animal Genome Research Book 150.00
25. Queen of Goat-JAMUNAPARI Book 100.00
26. Goat production status in different agro-Claimatic regions of India Book 150.00
27. Laboratory Manual for diagnosis of Johne' disease and isolation, identification and characterization of Mycobacterium Avium subsp. Paratuberculosis Book 225.00
28. A document on Caprine Brucellosis Bull. No. 17 30.00
29. Manual on disease transmission through AI and ET Techniques Bull. No. 21 20.00
30. Pestis Des Pestis Ruminantis (PPR) Bull. No. 26 20.00

Hindi Book/Bulletin

S. No. Name of Publication (Hindi) Book/ Bulletin Price (Rs.)
1. Bapu Kee Bakari Book 50
2. Bakari Palan Kay Prayogatmak Pahalu (Package of Practices) Book 75.00
3. Bakari Palan Kay avashyak Pahalu Book 15.00
4. Krishak Bakari Palak Evam Vyavasayik Bakari Palak Book 10.00

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    CIRG works at the interface of scientific livestock rearing and alleviation of poverty using modern goat production technologies and animal husbandry practices.


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