Approved Institute Projects

 S. No.   Project Title P.I.
1 Improvement of Jakhrana breed of goats for milk and meat production under farm and field conditions Dr. Saket Bhusan
2 Extension Approaches for Dissemination of Goat Production Technologies and Impact Assessment Dr. Braj Mohan
3 Economic Losses due to Important Diseases in Goat Production Dr. Anupam Krishna Dixit
4 A study on impact assessment of various training programme s Dr. Khushyal Singh
5 Patho-Epidemiological Studies on Emerging and Existing Diseases of Goats Dr. R.V.S. Pawaiya
6 Effect of Nutritional Deficiency Diseases on Gene Expression Profiles in Goats Dr. R.V.S. Pawaiya
7 Genetic Marker study in Indian Goats for GI nematode Resistance with special reference to Haemonchus infection. Dr. D. K. Sharma
8 Development of herbal anthelminitic and acaricidal formulation for goats Dr. Ashok Kumar
9 Metabolic profiling for diagnosis and control of metabolic diseases of goats Dr. Nitika Sharma
10 Isolation, identification and characterization of major infectious agents associated with neonatal diarrhoea in kids Dr. A. K. Mishra
11 Flagship project on articificial insemination in goats Dr. S. K. Jindal
12 Hormone profile during different reproductive stages in goats Dr. A. K. Goel
13 Comparative Study on Different Structures of Goats Shelters under Farm Conditions Dr. N. Ramachandran
14 Traceability, food safety standards and food chain evaluation (HACCP) pertaining to goat meat and value added products Dr. V. Rajkumar
15 Development of complete feed for environmentally and economically sustainable goat production Dr. Ravindra Kumar
16 Value Chain for the Development of Goat Products with Healthy Traits Dr. A.K. Verma
17 Development of feed resources on poor land for goats Dr. P. Tripathi

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Director's Message

    CIRG works at the interface of scientific livestock rearing and alleviation of poverty using modern goat production technologies and animal husbandry practices.


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