Goat Products Technology Laboratory

Name of test and its cost (Food analysis charges)

S. No. Name of the Test Parameter Testing Charges(Rs.)
1 Pesticide reside analysis by GC-MS/MS 3000/- (for each chlorine containing and phosphorous containing residues)
2 Phyto-chemical identification by GC-MS/MS 500/- per sample
3 Fatty acid profile 1000/- per sample / run
4 Minerals 500/- per element
5 Energy Analysis 300/- per sample
6 Moisture Content 150/- per sample
7 Protien Content 500/- per sample
8 Fat Content 400/- per sample
9 Ash Content 300/- per sample
10 pH 100/- per sample
11 Texture Analysis 1000/- per sample
12 Color Analysis (Hunter) 500/- per sample
13 Antioxidant Activity (DPPH or FRAP) 1000/- per sample
14 Microbial Load - TVC, TC, Y & M 1000/- per sample
15 Pathogenic microorganism Detection (Salmonella sps., E.coli 0157, Staphylococcus enterotoxin, Camphylobactor sps., Clostridium sps., Listeria sps.) 1500/- (for each pathogenic organisms testing)
16 Shelf Life Evaluation (Refrigerated, Deep freezer, Room temperature) 5000/- (for each type of testing)

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    CIRG works at the interface of scientific livestock rearing and alleviation of poverty using modern goat production technologies and animal husbandry practices.


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