Goat Health Division


    Development of preventive and control measures and package of practices for economically important diseases of goat.


      To reduce significant losses in goat production on account of Diseases
      To determine incidence of major goat diseases in  country
      To develop diagnostic tests for goat diseases.
      To formulate preventive strategies for goat diseases
      To find out cost effective treatment to reduce the cost of health coverage


        Formalin killed whole cell polyvalent vaccine was developed against ETEC E.coli.
        • Preventive Health Technology was developed and used in the field for control of goat diseases.
        • DOT-ELISA kit (BRUCHECK) was developed for detection of Brucellosis.
        • Latex agglutination (SPOT TEST) and ELISA tests were developed for diagnosis of goat Mycoplasmosis, using native isolate.
        • PCR test for group and species specific detection of Mycoplasma mycoides subsp capri causing CCPP was developed.
        • Indigenous diagnostic kits such as Microscopic examination kit, Plate ELISA kit,Culture test kit,IS 900 PCR kit,Dot ELISA kit were developed.
        • Inactivated vaccine for Johne’s Disease for goats and sheep was developed.
        • Herbal ectoparasiticidal drug(ALQUIT®) for animals was developed and commercialized.
        • Anti-dirrhoeal and anti-coccidial herbal drugs were developed.

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      Name of the Scientist Designation Discipline E-mail address EPBAX No.
      Dr. S.V. Singh profile Principal Scientist & Head of the department Veterinary Microbiology shoorvir.singh@gmail.com 2013
      Dr. D.K.Sharmaprofile Principal Scientist Veterinary Parasitology lkofwb@yahoo.co.in 2077
      Dr. Ashok Kumar profile Principal Scientist Veterinary Medicine akumar63@gmail.com 2075
      Dr. R.V.S. Pawaiyaprofile Principal Scientist Veterinary Pathology rvapawaiya@rediffmail.com 2146
      Dr. Anu Rahal profile Senior Scientist Veterinary Pharmacology rahalanu72@gmail.com  
      Dr. K.Gururaj profile Scientist Veterinary Microbiology guruvet@gmail.com
      Dr. A.K. Mishra profile Scientist Veterinary Microbiology anilmishradr@gmail.com 2102
      Dr. (Mrs) Nitika Sharma profile Scientist Veterinary Medicine nitika4419@gmail.com 2147
      Dr. Souvik Paul profile Scientist Veterinary Parasitology drsouvikpaul@gmail.com 2152

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        CIRG works at the interface of scientific livestock rearing and alleviation of poverty using modern goat production technologies and animal husbandry practices.


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