Dr. M. S. Chauhan, Director

With immense pleasure I present before you the updated website of the Central Institute for Research on Goats, Makhdoom, Mathura. The website is a mirror reflecting the image of any organization. Our website contains a brief profile of the institute, its achievements, awards, scientific manpower, infrastructure facilities, valuable germplasm, publications including latest annual report, newsletter & list of books/monographs, goat health calendar, forthcoming training programmes and other relevant information about the activities of the institute. The site is very useful to the researchers, academicians, students, professionals, planners and to the goat farmers. Goat production, a multi-dimensional venture, involves breeding, feeding, managemental practices and health coverage including disease diagnosis, prevention and control, besides development of milk and meat products with value additions. Several new opportunities are emerging in different systems of goat production which can be exploited by the livestock owners and entrepreneurs for their benefits. Different problems, especially with respect to goat diseases, availability of feed & fodder, deficiency of micronutrients, breed improvement, and adoption of various technological interventions are faced by the goat farmers. The institute serves the nation rendering solutions to these problems and supports such endeavours through various training programmes and by valuable information on its website. Our aim is to improve goat productivity for livelihood & nutritional security and poverty alleviation in the country. Let us join hands together to make the goat a symbol of prosperity and project it as the “future animal” under the changing agro-climatic conditions and depleting resources in the country.

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    CIRG works at the interface of scientific livestock rearing and alleviation of poverty using modern goat production technologies and animal husbandry practices.


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