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Celebration of National Science Day, 2021 at ICAR-CIRG

Celebration of National Science Day, 2021 at ICAR-CIRG


ICAR-Central Institute for Research on Goats celebrated National Science day on 28th February- 1st March 2021 under DAPSC Programme. On the first day the programme was held in the adopted village of DAPSC scheme in which farmers were apprised of the importance of scientific goat rearing in improving their income. The second day programme was held at the institute which was attended by 70 farmers (30 male and 40 female) belonging to Scheduled Caste community of Mathura district, and awareness was imparted about the importance of science in day to day life in general and animal rearing and agriculture in particular.

Dr. S.P. Singh, Secretary, Staff Welfare Club welcomed the dignitaries, elaborating the significance of Science Day and importance of science in daily life. He also informed that Science Day is celebrated every year on 28th February on account of the discovery of the “Raman effect” made by Nobel Laureate Dr C.V. Raman. Raman Effect involves the process of scattering of light particles by molecules of a medium. The function was presided over by Dr. B.  Rai, Director (Acting), ICAR-CIRG and organized by Development Action Plan for Scheduled Caste (DAPSC) team under the guidance of Dr. Gopal Dass, Nodal Officer DAPSC.

Dr. Gopal Dass informed about the activities of the DAPSC programme to the Scheduled Caste beneficiaries. On the occasion, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Principal Scientist delivered a lecture on “Future of STI: Impacts of Education, Skills and Work”, explaining the role of science in day to day life and scientific methods to be used in goat production and goat health. Dr. B. Rai, Director (Acting) appreciated the activities of the institute and DAPSC programme. He stated that good work is being done to the poor farmers of scheduled caste community through DAPSC programme of CIRG. Dr. Arvind Kumar, Dr. Nitika Sharma, Dr Mohd. Arif and Dr Vijay Kishore, the Co-Investigators of DAPSC Project were also present on the occasion. Back Pack (bag) and lunch packets were distributed to the participants and all precautionary measures for COVID-19 were followed during the programme.





Distribution of Materials to Women SHGs of Scheduled Caste beneficiaries under DAPSC Programme .

1.Patent No.: 327196 dated 11.12.2019 for invention entitled AN ANTI-BACTERIAL HERBAL COMPOSITION FOR ANIMALS .

2.Patent No.: 340760 dated 07.07.2020 for invention entitled A SYNERGISTIC ANTI-BACTERIAL HERBAL PREPARATION FOR ANIMALS.

3.Patent No.: 341364 dated 13.07.2020 for invention entitled A HERB-BASED ANTI BACTERIAL PREPARATION FOR VETERINARY USE.

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